...Shelley has been a wonderful help and support to me over the last year nudging me along gently as I found the source of the mold, remediated it and now beginning the protocol to clear out the mold in me....
— Carla Becker


My Story

How many of you either know someone or have personally had an experience in the medical arena- doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, - where you haven’t felt heard, where you have been prescribed one medication after another by one doctor after another yet still you haven’t felt better—still, your symptoms persist or your health continues to decline?  Or, you have been told, “it’s all in your head”, “you aren’t exercising enough”, or “eat less”?

I’m sorry, I understand how that feels.  Me too.

Back in 2003 I was bitten by my first tick.  In 2012, I was bitten by two more. In retrospect, what went on in the first nine years (or more considering I was raised in CT) was mind boggling medically, emotionally, physically and yes- spiritually.  There were three unexplainable surgeries in 2008 to address endocrine failures, pulmonary and vascular issues, depression and multiple other abnormal labs that wouldn’t normalize. No diagnosis of Lyme, co-infectors and viruses, and my body and not yet begun to fail.  However, with no help- no one ‘quarterbacking’ my care, the ongoing cascade of unmanageable medical issues continued to spiral downward after the 2012 bite and I nearly lost my life.

In 2014, I was emergency Medevac’d off the Caribbean with unexplainable symptoms mimicking an attack of cardiac/stroke.  It was then that I turned to a Functional Medicine physician to guide me in my complete recovery. On top of the Lyme and numerous co-infectors, and viruses that were discovered, I was also chronically and severely challenged with multiple biotoxin mold exposures. My path to wellness would be a long one—But finally, someone was listening, I was going to get better.  

Today, I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Candidate.  As a Coach, I teach and encourage my clients who may be suffering from a chronic disease or condition, illness or health crisis to advocate for themselves, heal from disease and discover/explore a pathway to prevention so that they can lead a life of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.